Centro Latinoamericano de Aprendizaje y Servicio Solidario


Message regarding the global health situation


Dear friends and colleagues:
In these times of global concern for diseases, and new and well-known problems, in CLAYSS we are looking for ways to adjust to this situation, to adapt our work and, above all, to do everything in our hands to take care of each other and the communities we work with.
For this reason, we are complying, disseminating and urging compliance with the provisions that are being established in each country by national and local authorities, as well as the recommendations of WHO, and discouraging the indiscriminate posting of messages that, although well-intentioned, may contribute to surfeit, misinformation or panic.
We want to do our part to reduce risks to ourselves and our communities, and we are learning to remain loving and fraternal without hugging: in this hour, we are stronger, warmer and better activists/militants if we do not meet and reduce physical contact. In this context, CLAYSS has decided to postpone for a while all the activities involving travel or massive conference, and our team has adopted working from home.
We have the chance to make the most of this time to strengthen solidarity by taking care of each other, avoiding increasing risks so that those who are most in need of medical attention can obtain it and our health care system is able to provide it. This is also a way to build and sustain solidarity-engaged communities in the exercise of strengthening bonds and keeping herd immunity as high as possible.
We ask you to take care of yourself and your loved ones: it is important that all of us can continue to promote solidarity and the transformation of our environments, and for that purpose, we have to be healthy. On the other hand, let us not forget that this can be a great opportunity to stimulate our creativity, to study (remember that our digital library is always available!) and to develop projects. Below you can find inspiration in some SL projects related to these topics that have been carried out in different locations and educational levels.
We would like to thank and congratulate especially all those teachers, health professionals and other workers who are still in their positions, taking risks in solidarity and responsibly to be at the service of those who need them.
We wish you good health, strength and creativity to face the challenges that are presented to us, and the clarity to be able to learn from them to continue building fairer societies from education.
A solidarity embrace,



Some service-learning experiences in times of epidemics