Centro Latinoamericano de Aprendizaje y Servicio Solidario

CV - Enrique Ochoa

Executive Director



Graduate of Political Science from the University of Buenos Aires and Specialist in International Relations and Negotiations for FLACSO and the University of San Andrés. Between 2000-2015 Ochoa is a consultant at the Argentinean Ministry of Education, specializing in the promotion of projects of service-learning in schools, Higher Institutions, Universities and youth organizations.
Since the creation of CLAYSS, he has taken part in the development of the organization’s International Relations, participated in conferences of the Red Iberoamericana de Aprendizaje-Servicio (Iboamerican Network of Service-Learning) and in the coordination of the Latin American node of the Red Talloires de Universidades (Workshop Network of Universities).
Beginning in 2016 he is CLAYSS Executive Director.
To these activities he adds the development of his teaching career at the levels of middle and higher education, and his experience in teaching workshops and courses.