Centro Latinoamericano de Aprendizaje y Servicio Solidario

CV - Luz Avruj

Coordination of training onsite and online



Graduate of Institutional Management and Direction (UNSAM) and Specialist in Social and Inter-Institutional Networking (Universidad Bolivariana de Chile). Her two passions have always been Education and Social Development and she has been working in both fields: in schools and universities as a teacher and teacher trainer and with social organizations providing facilitation services, training and technical assistance, as well as developing educational materials during the last twenty years. She has worked on-site in different places in Argentina and remotely in various countries in Latin America. Lately she has been coordinating a program toward the development of Service-Learning in Central and Eastern Europe at CLAYSS.
She has also worked with companies in negotiation and conflict management. Currently she is the Professional Training Coordinator (Coordinador de Capacitación) at CLAYSS, as well as a remote teacher at the National University of San Martín and the Maimónides University and on-site in the Program of Service Learning in the Ortega and Gasset Foundation taught in English for North American students.