Centro Latinoamericano de Aprendizaje y Servicio Solidario

About Us


(Asociación civil sin fines de lucro Res. IGJ 001270/03)

  • Founded February 26, 2002. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Our Mission

To contribute to the growth of a fraternal and participative culture in Latin America through the development of educational social engagement projects

Institutional Goals

- Promote the development of the pedagogical proposal of service-learning in Latin America.

-Offer training to faculty and community leaders to develop service-learning projects and to aid in the formation of pro-social attitudes.

-Develop service-learning projects in schools, higher education institutions, universities, and youth organizations.


CLAYSS renewed its authorities in June 2018.

President: Jorge San Martín Catholic Universities: María Rosa Tapia
Director: Nieves Tapia


Training: Luz Avruj
Ejecutive Director:Lic. Enrique Ochoa


Support Programs Cordination: Alejandro Gimelli

More info

Main activities and achievements since CLAYSS foundation in 2002:

  • Conducts financial and technical support programs

    • for educational institutions and social programs for the development of service-learning projects.
      • Provided economical and technical support to 50 Schools in Argentina, involving 6.533 student, 563 teachers and 346 NGOs, business companies and Government agencies in service-learning projects, with a total 128.808 people involved and benefited by the projects in Argentina. We are now is replicating the program in Uruguay.
      • Developed the Support for Social Engagement and Service-Learning in Higher Education for Higher Education institutions in Latin America and Africa. 38 Universities have been supported with professional development and technical assistance, with 1.482 Faculty participating.


    Offers onsite and online professional development courses

    for faculty and community leaders. o CLAYSS has conducted courses in educational institutions in Latin America, as well as other regions around the globe, offering training to more than 42,000 participants in workshops and conferences. o We are currently offering on-line courses in Spanish, English and Portuguese for teachers, University faculty and administrators and NGO leaders, based in our educational platform, reaching to Latin American, European and African participants.

    Develops quantitative and qualitative research programs

    • on service-learning in Argentina and Latin America, partnering with universities and national and international organizations.
      • Developed and contributed to research programs with Washington University at St. Louis (MI, USA); Barcelona University (Spain); Buenos Aires University and “V” organization (UK).
      • Organized and published the procedures for the Latin America Research Conferences since 2004
      • Published research and program evaluation for “Creer para Ver” School program.


  • Publishes books and promotional, training and academic materials

    • most of which are available for free on its website.
      • 20 publications available on line, including the Iberican-American Service-learning Journal, co-directed with Barcelona University; collections of good practices, Manuals and other training materials.
      • Members of CLAYSS team have published 5 books on service-learning in Spanish, and one in Italian.


    Advises social organizations, companies and governments to implement policies to promote service-learning.

    o CLAYSS has offered technical assistance to Ministries of Education in Argentina, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Uruguay, among others.
    o CLAYSS has also advised many Latin American organizations, such as the Centro del Voluntariado del Uruguay and the Alianza ONG from the Dominican Republic.
    o Has also collaborated with corporations and foundations, such as Ashoka, Natura Costméticos, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, the BBVA-Francés Bank, Bemberg Foundation and Arcor Foundation.

    Promotes and coordinates regional and international networks

    encouraging service-learning at national, regional and international levels. CLAYSS currently coordinates the Iberican-American Service-Learning Network, which brings together over 70 organizations, universities and governmental agencies from Latin America, the United States, and Spain, in collaboration with the OEI (Organization of Ibero-American States) and the NYLC (National Youth Leadership Council). It is also part of the Steering Committee of the Talloires Network of universities, and collaborates with the UNESCO Chair on Higher Education Social Responsibility and Community Based Research, GUNI and other global networks. CLAYSS has been chosen as consultant for the Scholas Network promoted by Pope Francis.